How to design a resistance training workout

There are a couple of steps you can take to: decrease soreness, improve recovery time, make better progress, decrease your chance of injury, and get the most of the time you spend resistance training.  It’s quite simple actually.  Every single resistance workout you do should follow a specific design.  Follow the correct design, and reap the benefits listed above.  You can do it your own way and risk injury, be more sore, and decrease the chance that you’ll stick with your resistance training program or you can be smart and do it how the American College of Sports medicine (the gold standard in exercise programming) recommends.  Your resistance workout should start with a warm-up (5-15 minutes of cardio), then go through your workout, then cool-down (5-15 more minutes of cardio), then stretch the muscles you worked during your workout.  After resistance training your body is quite literally thirsting for nutrients to replace what was used for energy during your workout, and begin the recovery process.  It is vitally important that you give your body what it needs after resistance training.  I’ll get into specifics in my next blog post so stay tuned!


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