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The Healthy Lifestyle Plan

Leading a healthy lifestyle isn’t easy!  With unhealthy temptations everywhere, and few convenient healthy choices it’s no wonder we have such an obesity epidemic in this country.  In America, we are living in a very unhealthy environment.  Even someone like me who knows the requirements to keep weight off  can put on weight despite being regularly active.  Since the birth of my son, I’ve gradually put on weight, about 29 pounds in about two years.  I’ve gone from about 220 to a high of 249 pounds.  There are many culprits, late night eating, pizza (my favorite), eating out, not enough regular exercise, and generally not eating healthy enough.  Right now, I’m at 240 pounds, 30% bodyfat, 72 total pounds of fat, a BMI of 32, and a 44 inch waist, not good!

My goal is to follow The Healthy Lifestyle Plan and get under 210 pounds which is very ambitious (about 3 pounds per week).  Losing 3 pounds per week takes hard work, dedication, knowledge, discipline and a serious lifestyle change.  Most people should shoot for 20 to 25 pounds as a weight loss goal for the Healthy Lifestyle Plan.  If you are willing to work really hard, spend more time, and be very conscious of your diet, you can lose more.  The more you embrace the plan, the better your results will be.

The Healthy Lifestyle Plan is a 13 week program designed to give you the best information and a step by step comprehensive game plan on how to lead a healthier lifestyle.  You will learn everything you will need to know to make a positive, permanent lifestyle change.  If you’re ready to make a change, sign up for the Healthy Lifestyle Plan (send an e-mail to if interested).  After you sign up you will receive your first set of e-mails.  In those e-mails you will be given 6 Steps to Permanently Change Your Life.  I plan to post once per week with my experiences as I go through the plan.  Thanks for reading!