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The Healthy Lifestyle Plan-Weeks 6 and 7

I am currently in week 7 of The Healthy Lifestyle Plan and things have been going relatively well. I’m down a total of 13 pounds from the beginning of the program and I have drastically improved my nutrition and activity level. I have set some pretty lofty goals and haven’t met them, however I am losing an average of 2 pounds per week. I have really stalled after losing 10 pounds relatively quickly (about 3 weeks). Since then I’ve only lost about 4 more pounds in 3 weeks. This is very common, losing weight fast at the beginning then plateauing. It’s very frustrating, but it’s important to remember that the goal of losing 2 pounds per week is an average, and the even more important thing to remember is that you are improving your health.

In terms of nutrition I’ve been very good.  The time I have trouble with is at night, around 1030 or so I get hungry.  I’ve done a good job making healthy choices though, and the times when I’ve eaten poorly, it has been planned.

The basketball tournament is next weekend, which will be during week 8.  At that point I will be 2/3 of the of the way through the Healthy Lifestyle Plan, and my overall goal of being under 210 is still realistic, but it will be tough to hit.  I’ve upped my activity level with a little more resistance work, and a little more running.  My right elbow is still sore and continues to give me problems.  The knees are feeling better and my achilles has been better too, but not 100%.  I faced a severe setback during week 6 when my pelvis was out of alignment.  This commonly happens 3-4 X per year and this time it was bad and very painful.  My chiropractor got me back in alignment with 2 visits, but I did have to take 3 days off because it was just too painful.  Fortunately my back has been feeling good this week, and my goal for the end of the week is 223 pounds.

There you have it, I’ll try to post again before the basketball tournament.  Don’t forget, if you’re looking for some guidance, check out our website at and don’t hesitate to contact us.  Thanks for reading and do something active today!

Month 1 complete

Sorry it’s been awhile since I posted, everything is going well, just on vacation for a week and then internet problems (thanks Charter!).  Nonetheless, an update.  I didn’t reach my goal of being under 230 before vacation.  The reasons?  Mostly due to diet.  I had a slight pizza binge where we ordered pizza (veggie, no meat, but cheese) late one night (never a good idea, I had 2 large pieces, probably 700-800 calories) and then pizza again the next day unexpectedly at a family function, I couldn’t resist.  I had one piece with meat.    Additionally I’ve been trying to balance a sore right Achilles tendon and two sore elbows with keeping very active.  I’ve had to stop and skip a couple of workouts along with plenty of icing.  It’s for the best because my Achilles is feeling better so now I can resume explosive workouts (sprints and plyometrics).  As for the elbows, they’re better but are still problematic despite a vast reduction in upper body work during vacation.

On the subject of nutrition, I’ve been very good about drastically reducing my meat consumption.  Since my last post I had one piece of pizza with pepperoni and sausage, 3 bites of a buffalo burger, and a very small amount of meat in an order of baked beans.  Cheese and dairy on the other hand have been very difficult to give up.  I love cheese (I’m from Wisconsin) plus cheese and dairy are in everything (even vegetarian dishes, I have to look for vegan).  I’ll keep working on it!

As for weight loss I’m currently in the middle of week 5 and am at 229 pounds which is short of where I should be (228 or less).  That’s ok, I’ll just need to readjust.  My goal is to lose 3 pounds for my Monday weigh in and be at 226 or less.  I want to continue with a 3 pound weight loss each week.

The next thing on the horizon is a basketball tournament called the Gus Macker.  It’s a 3 on 3 tournament going on here in Rochester MN on August 10th-11th.  It’s outside and it should be hot, miserable and a blast at the same time!  My goal is to be at 217 pounds the day before the tournament.  I’ve essentially got 4 weeks to kick some butt and get myself into good basketball shape.  Time to pick up the intensity and train to be quicker, faster, and more explosive (jump higher).  I also need to work on my basketball skills (dribbling, shooting, and defense).  Finally I need to acclimate myself to the heat.  This is not fun stuff, high intensity workouts in the heat, preferably in the middle of the day.  It’s actually dangerous and I will need to be careful, keep myself hydrated, and stop workouts if necessary.

Well, that’s it for now.  The journey is going relatively well, but certainly not perfect.  The most important thing is that I keep at it and continue to be consistent with working out and eating healthier even if I’m not always reaching my goals.  Making lifestyle changes is never easy, and if you need help and guidance I highly recommend Body Balance Healthy Living’s accountability services.  Visit www.BodyBalanceHealthyLiving or shoot me an e-mail ( to learn more.  Thanks for reading and do something active today!

The Healthy Lifestyle Plan-Prep Week and Week 1

Currently I am through 2 weeks of the Healthy Lifestyle Plan.  A couple of the goals I have set for myself include: cutting back on meat (3 meals with meat per week or less), eating more fruits and veggies (at least 1 serving with most meals and a smoothie most days), not eating out as much (1-2 X per week) and when I do eat out, making better choices, and being more active (some form of exercise most days).

So far so good in terms of meeting goals and progress.  Down 6 pounds (I’m at 234) after 2 weeks which is right where I want to be.

Setting goals is all fine and good, but it’s certainly not easy, as I’m sure most of you can attest.  Since starting, week 1 I did 5 workouts (mostly running and resistance) and was decent with my nutrition.  Week 2 I bumped it up, my running workouts have been longer and I had 2 days that I worked out twice.  My nutrition was much more solid and consistent during week 2.  It’s not all hunkey-dory though.  My left Achilles tendon has been acting up despite icing, stretching and taking a day off.  Then, I unconsciously overcompensated for my Achilles pain while running, and now my right hip flexor is quite sore.  The Achilles pain can mostly be attributed to my weight, it’s 234+ pounds of body weight being slammed into the pavement or ground as I run.  I also have tennis elbow.  It flares up after I do pull-ups which is one of my favorite exercises.  Lastly, I’ve been having some left wrist pain.  It’s really strange too, it’s on the side of the ulna (pinkey side) and the pain is about 2 inches above the wrist.  Luckily it has been feeling better the last couple of days.  It can be hard to balance the right amount of exercise with rest when you have ailments and you’re trying to reach your goals.  It’s important to be careful with these types of injuries because if they continue to get worse, eventually you can do some real damage that could lay you up for weeks best case scenario, or require surgery, worst case scenario.  The moral of the story, if the pain is getting worse, you to rest, ice, and stretch that area of the body.  I’ll keep at it though and hopefully things will take care of themselves with icing, stretching and rest.

My goals for next week are to continue making improvements to my diet, do a little more resistance training, keep up with running and continue to improve on times, up the intensity of my basketball workouts, and hopefully improve on my nagging injuries.  This week is the 4th of July so it will take a little extra discipline to stay on track with nutrition.  Next week we will be taking a vacation, so that will be a challenge too.  My weight loss goal is to lose 4 pounds this week to get under 230 pounds before we leave on vacation next Tuesday.

There you have it ladies and gentleman, once again, this exercising and eating right thing isn’t easy but I definitely feel better (despite the ailments), look better, and am healthier so it’s worth the time and effort.  If YOU need additional guidance please check out our website at or shoot an e-mail to  Our goal is to help YOU  lead a healthier lifestyle.  Have a great day and do something active!