Month 1 complete

Sorry it’s been awhile since I posted, everything is going well, just on vacation for a week and then internet problems (thanks Charter!).  Nonetheless, an update.  I didn’t reach my goal of being under 230 before vacation.  The reasons?  Mostly due to diet.  I had a slight pizza binge where we ordered pizza (veggie, no meat, but cheese) late one night (never a good idea, I had 2 large pieces, probably 700-800 calories) and then pizza again the next day unexpectedly at a family function, I couldn’t resist.  I had one piece with meat.    Additionally I’ve been trying to balance a sore right Achilles tendon and two sore elbows with keeping very active.  I’ve had to stop and skip a couple of workouts along with plenty of icing.  It’s for the best because my Achilles is feeling better so now I can resume explosive workouts (sprints and plyometrics).  As for the elbows, they’re better but are still problematic despite a vast reduction in upper body work during vacation.

On the subject of nutrition, I’ve been very good about drastically reducing my meat consumption.  Since my last post I had one piece of pizza with pepperoni and sausage, 3 bites of a buffalo burger, and a very small amount of meat in an order of baked beans.  Cheese and dairy on the other hand have been very difficult to give up.  I love cheese (I’m from Wisconsin) plus cheese and dairy are in everything (even vegetarian dishes, I have to look for vegan).  I’ll keep working on it!

As for weight loss I’m currently in the middle of week 5 and am at 229 pounds which is short of where I should be (228 or less).  That’s ok, I’ll just need to readjust.  My goal is to lose 3 pounds for my Monday weigh in and be at 226 or less.  I want to continue with a 3 pound weight loss each week.

The next thing on the horizon is a basketball tournament called the Gus Macker.  It’s a 3 on 3 tournament going on here in Rochester MN on August 10th-11th.  It’s outside and it should be hot, miserable and a blast at the same time!  My goal is to be at 217 pounds the day before the tournament.  I’ve essentially got 4 weeks to kick some butt and get myself into good basketball shape.  Time to pick up the intensity and train to be quicker, faster, and more explosive (jump higher).  I also need to work on my basketball skills (dribbling, shooting, and defense).  Finally I need to acclimate myself to the heat.  This is not fun stuff, high intensity workouts in the heat, preferably in the middle of the day.  It’s actually dangerous and I will need to be careful, keep myself hydrated, and stop workouts if necessary.

Well, that’s it for now.  The journey is going relatively well, but certainly not perfect.  The most important thing is that I keep at it and continue to be consistent with working out and eating healthier even if I’m not always reaching my goals.  Making lifestyle changes is never easy, and if you need help and guidance I highly recommend Body Balance Healthy Living’s accountability services.  Visit www.BodyBalanceHealthyLiving or shoot me an e-mail ( to learn more.  Thanks for reading and do something active today!

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